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Woman Empowerment Advertising: Authentic or Trendy?

14 July 2014 5 Comments
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Woman Empowerment Advertising

Women empowerment advertisements

  • Have you seen a woman empowerment advertisement yet?
  • Did it make you feel good?
  • Did you remember who made those videos?

Ever since Dove’s Real Beauty campaign reeled in great viral success, numerous powerhouse feminine care companies have started to focus their advertising on boosting the confidence of their consumers.

Rather than focusing on their products, ads have increasingly focused on a feel-good message in the hopes of lifting their brand image. It’s been a delicate balance of communicating their desire to preach true beauty and power, while still wanting to promote their beauty products. Some have found success, others have been accused of not being authentic.

I think some of these ads carry very good messages. Others are just trying too hard to jump on the bandwagon. Other’s take the message just to far.

  • What are your thoughts on following videos?
  • Hit the mark? or trying too hard to capitalize on the newest trend?

Labels Against Women | #ShineStrong Pantene

Focused on how men and women are labelled differently even while doing the exact same thing.

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene

I honestly do not like this video. Yes, people should not feel sorry out of being belittled or feeling inadequate or simply because of one’s gender, but the message comes on too strong and a little over the top. The first two examples seem ok, but then soon it seems like it is saying you should never be sorry for anything even for inconveniencing others. Yes, be strong and confident, but I feel one should never lose their sense of humility and sensitivity towards others.

Inspire Her Mind | Verizon Commercial

Very cool video. Though not all the things the “mom” says in this video are bad. I believe there are gender specific ways one should treat a boy or a girl. However I do like the overall message of being careful not to suppress some passion or love (even in ways you didn’t realize) such as science or math simply because your child is a girl. Great video.

Dove “Patches”

This video has been criticize quite a bit as people felt that it makes woman look gullible and it can easily be guessed that they could handpick the best responses. What do you think? Regardless, it has garnered nearly 21 million views.


  • Lynnea David said:

    Most needed thing in certain parts of Asia as women rights are ignored there.
    Lynnea David recently posted..Starbucks Expands Its Footprint To ColombiaMy Profile

  • Janine Gerard said:

    The Panten Pro V commercial is beautifully executed as women have the tendency to overuse the word ‘sorry’ especially in the work place.

  • Sagar said:

    Surely women empowerment advertising is authentic and also trendy. It is authentic as it is important to boost the moral of women and also trendy to attract more female customers or increase their products sales. It is a good marketing technique which help either of groups.
    Sagar recently posted..How to be a Good Interviewer: 18 Must know CharacteristicsMy Profile

  • Lindsay Ewens-Jones said:

    If your audience or client profile are Women, there is nothing wrong with advertising to them specifically, but these videos are great examples of the right way to do it
    Lindsay Ewens-Jones recently posted..Anticipating Disagreements During An Amicable DivorceMy Profile

  • Dereck Jones said:

    There are defitniely different advertising techniques when aiming at a particluar gender, but i see nothing different here than all other female oriented Ads that we saw as kids for household products, etc.
    Dereck Jones recently posted..Recognizing Verbal AbuseMy Profile

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