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Can We Live Without Smartphones? Statistics Says You Will Panic

21 July 2012 11 Comments
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Can We Live Without Smartphones? Statistics Says You Will Panic

How much time you spend a day staring at your smartphone?
How many of you have an iPhone but really don’t need it? Honestly.

Is it the first thing you grab for when you wake up in the morning?
The last thing you look at before you go to bed?

  • 54% of people say they do all of the above.

A study sponsored by Lookout, says that we often put more time in our phones than in real personal relationships. in fact the way we think, behave and the emotions we feel is more and more developing into a new “mobile mindset”.

β€œThe findings establish that our attachment to smartphones is driving a new mobile mindset. Our behaviors, emotions and social interactions are impacted by smartphones to the extent that they now play an important role in our value systems.” – Alicia DiVittorio, Lookout

Smartphone Dependency Statistics

We are obsessed with staying connected on our phones.

  • 60% of respondents say they don’t go an hour without checking their phones.
  • 63% of women and 73% of men between ages 18 to 34 don’t go an hour without checking their phones.

Rules of etiquette are also changing or being challenged.

  • Nearly a third of respondents say they check their phones while sharing a meal
  • Nearly a quarter of respondents say they engage in risky behavior such as checking their phone while driving.
  • 10% check their phones during religious services

The Study also suggest we are also emotionally attached to our devices

  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents felt “panicked” when they misplace their phones.
  • 14% said they felt “desperate”
  • 7% said they felt “sick”
  • Only 6% said they felt “relieved”

How Are You with Smartphones?

So let’s discuss.

  • How much time you spend a day staring at your smartphone?
  • Is it the first thing you grab for when you wake up in the morning?
  • The last thing you look at before you go to bed?
  • Do you see us getting more and more dependent on Smartphones?


  • Himanshu Rawat said:

    Very Correct We are now so addicted to technology that we can’t resist that anymore it is now part of our daily life and we are happy to live with it but we cannot imagine life without even a television

  • Beth... ( said:

    My phone has the most awful battery life and dies at least once a day…during this time I always have the same endless panic despite all my family being around me and there being no need for me to stress! Idiocy is really is!
    Beth… ( recently posted..Nice Tweet AppreciationMy Profile

  • cleancutmedia (author) said:

    that’s pretty hilarious beth. but I feel ya.. it’s unnerving to think what you are missing out on. πŸ™‚
    cleancutmedia recently posted..Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video’s Social CommentaryMy Profile

  • Beth... said:

    Haha well you know I can’t say it’s my finest quality – I need a hobby ;)!
    Beth… recently posted..Nice Tweet AppreciationMy Profile

  • Mike D said:

    Cannot think of leaving or living without my smartphone for as much as even a single second. It is as important a part of me as my eyes, or any other organ. My business, and my personal life and well-being depends on my phone. I concur with the study!
    Mike D recently posted..2012’s List of the Best iPhone Apps for BloggersMy Profile

  • cleancutmedia (author) said:

    haha important as any other organ! I hope that was mere hyperbole… right?….. πŸ™‚ know what you mean though
    cleancutmedia recently posted..Top 10 Creative iPhone 5 Design MockupsMy Profile

  • Shawna Baumgartnery said:

    I agree with you here! Smart phones have become the new ‘it’ thing, even though there are many faults with them in comparison to normal phones, we still feel the need to have and want a smart phone- Phones have truly become a part of living! Thank you for sharing.

  • Tania Bernoskis said:

    Hello, thank you for sharing this post and all the statistics, they are extremely fascinating. I am always on my smart phone, and I have to check it regularly, not just for calls and texts, but now you can check your e-mails on their and check your Facebook. It is so advanced and you can access a lot on their.

  • Sanjib Saha said:


    We know that smart phones have become an integral part of our lives but that does not mean that we cannot survive without them. Think about the times when there were no cell phones. Humans are designed to survive even in the most impossible situations.

    Sanjib Saha
    Sanjib Saha recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launched in IndiaMy Profile

  • Becky Patton said:

    This made me laugh, moan and totally roll my eyes! Thanks for these great statistics! I think I might have to quote you in some of my upcoming blog posts about parents and teens and electronics. Thanks – Becky
    Becky Patton recently posted..What is cellphone etiquette anyway?My Profile

  • Edyth Parsell said:

    I do not think I would be able to live without my smart phone, especially because I am so used to it now and I have forgotten what it is like to have a standard phone. They are so convenient and stylish, and they make life so much easier.

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