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Creativity: 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II

9 February 2009 12 Comments
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The Long Awaited! 3D Chalk Art in the Streets Part II!

This batch of 3D Chalk art is even more amazing then the ones you saw in the previous post. Huge list of amazing pictures below. Pick your favorite at vote at the bottom!

3D Chalk Art – Batman & Robin

By Paul Lee

– How in the World…

3D Chalk Art - Batman

3D Chalk Art - Batman

3D Chalk Art – Prison Hole

– Someone help them!

3D Chalk Art - Prison Hole

3D Chalk Art - Prison Hole

3D Chalk Art – Dive Plank

– Looks refreshing!

3D Chalk Art - Dive Plank

3D Chalk Art - Dive Plank

3D Chalk Art – Fountain Pipes

– Don’t slip now!

3D Chalk Art - Fountain

3D Chalk Art - Fountain

3D Chalk Art – Hole Slide Pole

– Looks pretty fun down there

3D Chalk Art - Hole Slide

3D Chalk Art - Hole Slide

3D Chalk Art – Art Hose to Drain

– This has to be real

3D Chalk Art - Art Hose

3D Chalk Art - Art Hose

3D Chalk Art – Playing with Puddles

– I want to touch it

3D Chalk Art - Boat Puddle

3D Chalk Art - Boat Puddle

Which one is your favorite? Vote Below. [Pick 2]

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  • Kennedy said:

    wow this is so coolio that is so amazing how u can draw all of that facinating things u are amazing…… u have a God given tallent

  • Media Influence said:

    Appreciate the Comment Kennedy!

    Just to clarify, I did personally did not do any of these drawings. These are a collection of works from a couple artist the main man being Julian Weaver.

    I love drawing with chalk myself, but the calculated angles required to do this kind of street art is simply amazing.

  • Jake said:

    I think you mean Julian Beever, not Weaver. Sorry to correct, but I love his art as well, just wanted to make sure you were getting his name correct :)

  • Media Influence (author) said:

    you are right. my error. no idea where weaver came from :)

  • cristal said:

    this chalk art creation have to be one of the coolest things i have ever seen. keep up the great work

  • Cynthia said:

    So cool this guy rocks!

  • sunsetter23 said:

    This guy is so cool! I love how the people pose for the pics

  • nabil yaghi said:


  • Michael Ohle said:

    I would like to say these pictures are awesome , I was just introduced too his work the other day . A lot of them brought a smile too my face , I always look for positive things in life . I have terminal cancer and I’m truly happy too have seen them . I’m a writer and know how hard it’s too think up new things . Anyway if by chance the artist reads this , I would like to thank you .

  • blhjg said:

    i dont know what to say! they are awesome

  • Jeff said:

    Amazing, mind = blown! Some of those look really realistic.
    Jeff recently posted..7 Blackhat SEO Practices to Avoid At All CostsMy Profile

  • Tom C. said:

    Some of these looked ‘shopped. Are they? I’m no expert but some of these look wayy more ‘realistic’ than they actually might be.
    Tom C. recently posted..7 Tips on How to Blog SmarterMy Profile

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